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Practice Policies

Our Patient’s Data

Haresfield and Kempsey surgeries recognise that information has its greatest value when it is accurate, up to date and accessible where and when it is needed. Inaccurate, outdated or inaccessible information that is the result of one or more information security weaknesses can quickly disrupt or devalue critical processes. Information underpins the delivery of high quality healthcare commissioning and many other key service deliverables. In addition, the public is increasingly concerned about how organisations are handling information; the patients have a right to expect us to handle their data in a safe and secure manner and comply with legal and professional responsibilities.

There is a legal requirement for the practice as a Public Authority to address compliance with the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by 25 May 2018, and the Associated UK specific Data Protection Act 2018 together with associated NHS guidance.

Further information on how we process patient information is available in our Privacy Notice – please click here

Our Practice’s Information Governance and Data Security Policy can be found by clicking here

If you are a patient and would like to access your data from our practice then please read our Access to Medical Records Requests Policy – please click here.

Violent & Abusive Patients

The practice, along with the NHS, has a zero tolerance to violent and abusive patients. We have a duty of care to our staff and other patients to ensure a safe environment. Any patient who is abusive to the staff will be given a warning about their behaviour and if they continue to be abusive they will be removed from the doctor’s list and will no longer be registered at the practice.

Any patient who is violent will be reported to the police and will be removed from the practice list immediately.

Violent patients will only be seen under special arrangements provided by the Primary Care Trust. Details of these arrangements will be provided by the Primary Care Trust.

Comments and Complaints

We aim to provide a high quality service and are very interested in hearing any constructive comments you may have. A suggestion box for this purpose is situated in the waiting area.

The practice has an approved complaints procedure and we always welcome the opportunity to deal with any part of our service that is causing you concern.

Please contact our Practice Manager or Dr Woof by letter, telephone or in person to take advantage of this service. Your complaint will be investigated quickly and you will be advised of the findings within 10 days. You will also be advised on how to proceed should you wish to take your complaint to the Primary Care Trust.

Please download our full compliments and complaints policy here